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10 Reasons to Choose BergerCPAFirst

BergerCPAFirst is a Certified Public Accounting firm in New Jersey committed to helping clients that exclusively serve small businesses’ accounting and tax needs at an affordable fixed fee!

Know exactly where your
business is standing.

We deliver timely and accurate financial statements to hundreds of small businesses on a monthly or quarterly basis and we can do the same for you.

Know what your
accounting costs will be.

Our accounting services are provided for an affordable fixed fee and you know upfront what your costs will be during our appointment.

A dedicated team to handle
your accounts

On engagement with us, a competent team headed by an Account Executive will take care of your interests & respond on a priority basis through a phone call or email. With more than one individual taking care of your needs, you can be sure of continuity & timely responses.

Don’t pay for an
extra 15 or 20 minutes phone call.

As part of our fixed monthly fee, you receive unlimited consultation on accounting and tax matters over the telephone or in our office. We do charge extra for large or special projects, but we will tell you of that in advance and give you an estimate of the cost

Don’t pay accountant
rates for bookkeeping services.

Most CPAs don’t enjoy doing bookkeeping and quite frankly, aren’t very good at it. We will assign you a full-time bookkeeper to do your bank reconciliation and prepare your monthly financial statements. Each of our bookkeepers has a technical degree in bookkeeping with strong academic grades and comes on board with several years of practical experience dealing with small businesses like yours.

Get the best possible answers
to your small business questions.

We have been working with hundreds of small businesses in several dozens of industries and have been answering their small business questions for over fifteen years. Chances are, we will have heard and answered any small business question you have, many times before. Hopefully, we will have not only an answer but the answer that has provided to be most profitable to our clients in past.

We make sure you don’t
get IRS penalties and notices.

We will prepare your payroll and sales tax returns and make sure you know the proper amounts to pay and when and how to pay them. If you do receive IRS notices, we will respond to them at no cost to you.

You don’t want to talk about GAAP
and FASB rules and IRC SEC XXX (B).

We speak ordinary English. Sure, we know all of those terms, but our job is to make sure you know how to make money and saves taxes, and we pride ourselves on being able to clearly communicate our ideas to you.

You deserve to
be treated like a first priority client.

All of our clients are small businesses, ranging in size from start-ups to $100 million in annual sales. We can’t afford to treat the small business client as anything but a first-class client, because they are the only clients we have.

Avoid getting a
surprise tax bill on April 15th.

We provide you with monthly financial statements that let you constantly monitor your tax bill. In addition, we encourage each of small business clients to meet us each fall to estimate their tax liability.


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