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QuickBooks tips

QuickBooks initially you may be facing difficulties in understanding its features and functions. But once you get the hang of it, you will find accounting, tracking financial health, and managing invoices and bill payments easier.

Here are some simple tips to efficiently navigate and use the software

  1. To get an accurate picture of your finances, it would be better if you add all your bank accounts to QuickBooks. This way you will have all your account information in one place.
  2. You might have a few regular customers that would need monthly invoices sent to them. Instead of manually doing it every time, you can set up recurring invoices.
  3. The same goes for sending out invoice payment reminders. Instead of sending out reminders manually, set up an automated message and have the accompanying email customized.
  4. Instead of using separate applications to make bill payments, you can use QuickBooks to make payments to your vendors. In the case of recurring payments, QuickBooks offers features to set up automation.
  5. Make full use of the report dashboard that QuickBooks offers. If you are a small business owner, you will want to run financial status reports at least once a month. You can automate this process in QuickBooks. Customize the report with the metrics that you want to analyze each month and set a recipient email address and the date on which you want the report to be prepared and delivered.
Numerous other features could help manage your financial assets efficiently on QuickBooks. Contact us if you need help with QuickBooks for your business


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