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International Tax
International Tax

International tax

We offer financial and tax advice to companies that have both inbound-US and outbound operations. We have worked with numerous international clients who own subsidiaries in the USA. BergerCPAFirst offers a complete list of accounting tax services

That include the following

  1. The legal structure you choose for your business initially will have a great impact on future tax and legal consequences. Our professionals will help you choose the legal structure that caters to your requirements.
  2. Obtaining a Tax ID number is important since it has to be mentioned on all important documents including returns, statements, and other tax-related files. We will help you apply and obtain your TIN easily.
  3. We will offer advice on ways to limit your tax liability for overseas transactions
  4. Our experienced consultants will help you with payroll management and sales tax reporting
  5. We will facilitate easy communication with the IRS, state, and local authorities
  6. If you need help with audits and financial statement reviews, we can help you with that as well
  7. The US tax laws and treaties are quite complex to handle and understand without proper guidance.
Our International tax consultants will assist you with the entire tax returns preparation as well as the filing process. You just need to call us for assistance.


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