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QuickBooks setup

If you wish to enjoy accurate financial data for the future, you must ensure to get the initial setup and installation of QuickBooks done right. The software installation manual is quite easy to understand and follow. But if you want to reap the maximum benefits of QuickBooks, it is essential to list out your business goals before you go about installing it.

3 most important questions to ask yourself before the QuickBooks Setup

  1. Which accounting method would you prefer to use?
  2. How do you wish to handle the starting balance?
  3. What chart of accounts do you prefer using for your business?
Hiring a professional like us would be beneficial if you want to get over the installation process quicker. We are thorough with the setup procedures; hence, we can help complete the installation in a hassle-free manner. Below mentioned are a few essential services that we offer during QuickBooks setup:
  1. Analyze your business’s accounting needs and recommend the best software and hardware suited for your business.
  2. Training clients or staff members on how to use the software effectively
  3. Set up chart of accounts, billing account, inventory, and tax details.
BergerCPAFirst can get you started by getting Quickbooks installed to meet the demands of your organization. Contact us if you need help with QuickBooks for your business


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