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Whether for small, medium, or large enterprises, the primary objective as an employer is to fulfill the commitments towards your staff without compromising on the regulations. The biggest challenge arises on how to meet the workforce and financial obligations. Leave it to the experts; BergerCPAFirst has years of experience in payroll services.

Here are some of our areas of expertise

  1. Preparing payrolls and salary sheets
  2. Preparing tax formats for both state and federal departments
  3. Producing tax return periodic reports as per state schedules
  4. Drafting the tax returns documents
  5. Digitalized and automated payment process
  6. Timely deposit of payments to employees’ accounts
  7. Returns and taxes are calculated to ease the process for the employees.
  8. Work on operational cost cuts
  9. Maintain complete legal compliance

Outsourcing payroll reduces the burden on your accounts staff, giving them time to concentrate on core matters. BergerCPAFirst ensures that the employees’ financial obligations are met on time, helping in employee retention in your organization.


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