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Tax Center

BergerCPAFirst is your one-stop destination for all your tax needs. Our tax center provides complete information on tax-related queries, all in one place. Let us help you in making the complexities as simple as possible.

Track Your Refund

Find answers to all your questions like, how quickly will I get my refund, or it’s been more than 21 days now, and I haven’t gotten my refund, or what information can I see in ‘Where’s My Refund’?

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State Tax Forms

Quickly print the tax forms you need from any State. On the next page, we have listed a statewide map where you can click on your particular state and print out the tax forms

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Tax Rates

Tax rates change every year, and for your reference have listed them. These rates keep changing, and we keep updating at regular intervals. Please keep coming back to check the latest tax rates.

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Tax Due Dates

We have listed for your convenience the tax due dates. These dates keep changing, and we keep updating regularly. Please keep coming back to check the latest tax due dates.

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1040 Calculator

How much tax will you pay this year? Will you get a refund? Try these interactive financial problem solvers. Enter your criteria, and you’ll get your questions answered.

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